Silom Thai Cooking School

One of the things that I have been wanting to try here in Thailand is their Thai Cooking Classes. Finally I had the chance to do it while my friend was in town to visit me. There were a lot of cooking schools you can find online and Silom Thai Cooking School has always been one of the top things that you can find – so we decided to book for a class.

First thing we did was a tour around the market which I think is really helpful because I have seen vegetables out in the wet market but I never knew how they were called. Our teacher briefly explained what are the uses of each fruit/vegetable for cooking. Our teacher’s name was Khun Goong (which means shrimp in Thai) really good with her english skills. So we were able to follow her instructions easily and in a fun interactive way.

We did not have time to eat lunch so we were so hungry by the time the class started. Good thing was, after we finished cooking one dish, we can eat it! Yuuuhuum! Menu is different for each day so you better pick the ones that you have interest in. They provided us a small recipe book by the end of the class as reference to remake the dishes at home. I can say this is one of the recommended things to do in Bangkok.


2 thoughts on “Silom Thai Cooking School

    1. It’s priced at 1000 baht. Think it’s still a little bit ‘touristy’ priced but can also be reasonable enough since they also take effort on the presentation for the dish to be prepared, plus the ingredients and cleanliness of the place. Go and try! πŸ™‚

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