Hong Kong – Throw Back

Here’s a little photo diary from our trip to Hong Kong way back in December 2016. This was the first time I travelled with my sister outside the Philippines which was actually fun. This was also my baby niece’s first time in Hong Kong. We went to bring her to see Mickey Mouse of course! Hehe.

Hong Kong is an easy weekend getaway from Manila. Just a couple hours flight and you’re at a shopping haven and there is a good chance to enjoy a cool weather during their winter time.

I remember a lot of things was going on prior, during, and after this trip. First, Thomas booked a wrong flight time. He booked 9pm instead of 9am so he had to rebook it so that we can fly the same time. Then, when we were in Disney Land, my niece kept on crying all the time so we had to separate with them only to meet up in the afternoon when she was feeling better. And on our way home, my mom and dad picked us up at the airport and we couldn’t find our parking slot. Hahaha. Took us maybe 30mins to find it. Although there were some glitches along the way, it was still a fun filled trip with my family.

Feeling a little itch to go and hop on a plane right now to head somewhere else.πŸ˜‰


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